Guidelines for Manufacturers

Companies that sign a Program Participation Agreement with AgStewardship Australia are required to impose a levy of six cents per litre or kilogram on the sale of agricultural and veterinary (agvet) chemicals. The levy is used to fund the drumMUSTER and ChemClear programs, which undertake the collection of agvet chemical containers and disposal of agvet chemicals. Products eligible under the programs are sold in non-returnable metal and plastic containers above 1L/Kg and up to 205L/kg in declared content used in the packaging of crop production and farm animal health products for:

  • agricultural and livestock production
  • industrial and recreational pest and weed control
  • forestry
  • household pest control operations, and
  • similar activities conducted by local, state and federal government authorities.

Eligible containers are identified by the drumMUSTER eligible container logo which will be provided once the agreement is signed.  Guidelines for the placement of the logo on the container will also be provided. More information on the programs can be found at and To apply to participate in the programs please contact our office on 02-6206 6868, Allan McGann on 0429 409 435.