Every container counts…

Unwanted agvet containers diverted from landfill make useful recycled products, protecting our environment.

  • 40,590,244 total containers collected since 1998
  • 636,673 containers saved from landfill in 2022-23
  • 1,961,253 containers collected in 2021-22
  • 1,999,459   containers collected in 2020-21
  • 1,783,061 containers collected in 2019-20
  • as at 02/12/2022

Unwanted chemicals…

ChemClear helps farmers dispose of their unwanted agvet chemicals to keep their communities, land and waterways safe.

  • 883,197 L/kg agvet chemicals collected since 2003
  • 72,805 L/kg chemicals registered for free collection- Group 1
  • 85,086 L/kg chemicals registered for fee-payable service- Group 2

as at 02/12/2022

AgStewardship Australia is an industry-led, non-profit organisation which fosters on-farm chemical safety and waste reduction. With product stewardship as its primary focus, AgStewardship supports an entire life cycle approach to ethically managing agricultural and veterinary chemical products from their origins, through to manufacture, use and disposal. It’s an inclusive process where all levels of the sector make responsible decisions about a product at every point in the supply chain. AgStewardship Australia is responsible for the collection and management of levy contributions to fund two voluntary stewardship programs owned and operated by Agsafe Limited – drumMUSTER and ChemClear, which collect empty agvet chemical containers and safely dispose of unwanted agvet chemicals respectively. Read more about us…


Landholders often end up with agvet products they cannot reuse. Farmers could inherit chemicals when they buy land, some switch crops, while others buy specific-use chemicals to manage one-off pest events. drumMUSTER and ChemClear divert unwanted products from landfill by collecting empty containers for recycling and obsolete chemicals for safe disposal. With more than 831 drumMUSTER collection sites operating throughout Australia, farmers are encouraged to purchase products displaying the official drumMUSTER eligible logo, which entitles them to free collection and disposal.


Manufacturers who participate in the programs support a recycling pathway committed to reducing the nation’s carbon emissions and conserving resources. There are 130 manufacturers participating in the programs, which represents approximately 90 per cent of all crop protection and animal health chemicals sold nationally. The participating organisations are committed to producing clean and green food and fibre products. By entering into a drumMUSTER agreement, manufacturers demonstrate extended producer responsibility and environmentally-sound initiatives. Do you want to support your clients and customers in their stewardship efforts? Find out how to get involved by contacting Agsafe on 02-6206 6868, Allan McGann on 0429 409 435.


Chemical retailers play an important role in supplying customers with products which have been transported, handled and stored safely, in addition to equipping clients with products that work as stipulated. Increasingly, producers are required to meet strict food safety criteria, including the safe disposal of agvet waste, before they can supply to major supermarket chains. Not only are chemical retailers entrusted with delivering the correct advice and effective products, but they are well-placed to advise on where property owners can deliver empty agvet containers for collection. Retailers demonstrate their commitment to environmental safety by sharing the locations of local collection sites with customers.